Tropical Life

Life reacts sometimes like a desert before it flourishes as tropical rainforest. Keep your cells hydrated with self awareness against the self-doubt heat when it is desert, so you can view the waterfall of self-discovery in tropical woods.

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She has been happier When she no longer ponders about you, She never truly enjoyed your arrogance Rather she redeemed herself from the ocean of your disgrace. By I. H.

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The moment of awakening to my soul’s purpose is a magical history. I don’t wait for the silver moon to bright up the premise of life. All I plant the blinking stars and they make me to sleep in ease for I dream of the blazing sun. Whether the path is long or short, I […]


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Lesson checked

Nobody should let loneliness to push him or her to toxic company. Otherwise it would tremble your base momentarily. But you would be lucky in the end to find out that loneliness is only a particular state of your thought process. Nobody is literally lonely. By I.H.

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The intensity of disinterest See! Laying regardless, I tried to shed a few drops of silver from eyes See! Their rudeness not to flow, Your play theme is so high See! I can’t climb the top.

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Find Destination I

I was sitting in calm under the bright blue sky. Storm brew maliciously around. My heart pounded , my vision blurred . Dust suffocated my breath. No save valley as far as I could see. My skin was being peeled by the furious hurricane. A magical moment awaken my safe haven, a blissed destination. It […]

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Thought of a child

It was unfathomable surprise for me when I first recognised a few basic colours, red, blue and pink. The excitement to explore the whole new surrounding filled with vibrant shades was on peak. So this was the world of curiosity. Curiosity led all the directions. I wished to be the first to solve all of […]

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To the Light

Who doesn’t like light! Perhaps few. The small moons alongside street leading to aurora dazzling in distance. Chilled air and darkness talks to me about hopeful dawn. We have been friends for long time. I see another small moon as I approach forward, they leave for the moment. We meet again, me, chilled air and […]

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Not revolting my thoughts They now form, take shape on their own Being still yet flowing is a magic

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